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Learn how a LEAP residential architect can help your family. Natural living and calming environments are part of LEAP Architecture’s design approach. Check out our Modern, Green Farmhouse in upstate, NY.


Architect Designs Modern, Green Farmhouse

This green home is designed with a traditional farmhouse layout. Why? The architecture is specifically programmed for a growing family with great dynamics: the husband-wife team balances high-stress work and three young children (with more to come!). They were able to communicate their aspirations for their growing family with clarity. The result: a modern design with plenty of sunlight and natural materials. Also, geothermal heating and cooling contribute to an energy efficient building design.


Modern, Green Farmhouse - master bedroom

The Heart of the Home

The farmhouse layout has a central dining area flanked by the kitchen and service table. This dining and kitchen areas are the heart of the home, and are supported by a mudroom entry (complete with laundry and a half-bath), living space, and a home-school room ready to be closed off from the main living areas for focused activities.

Modern, Green Farmhouse in upstate NY

Residential Architect Note: Site and Building Integration

Existing stone walls divide the property in typical farmstead fashion. New stone walls define the entryway sequence in the landscape. The architect for the project also pulled the kitchen out from the main rectangle of the farmhouse layout, and wrapped the walls in stone. Glass walls on both sides of the kitchen allow the space to now be a landscape element as well as part of the building.


Architecture and Structure

Three stone towers support glulam framing. Glulams are a great way to get a timber look and feel without sacrificing old-growth forests. Glulam framing is one of LEAP’s favored sustainable materials. Learn more about materials and how LEAP architects can save you money on your project: STORIES – Common Materials Used in Creative Designs


Modern, Green Farmhouse