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Sustainable Architect: When the environment matters, LEAP has an expert Sustainable Architect to help achieve your sustainability goals.


Environmental Design by a Sustainable Architect

Why do architects focus on Green Building Strategies? Buildings are incredible energy hogs. The construction industry consumes an enormous percentage of the world’s resources. They also contribute to a growing carbon footprint.
However, when working with a sustainable architect, we can make choices that help better the situation. Learn more about strategies used by LEAP Architecture here:



Sustainable Architecture: Form and Function

Embedded within a constructed wetland design, the center engages nature for its visitors with functional technology driven by natural processes.

At LEAP, architects provide sustainable designs for all of our projects. In this example, constructed wetlands serve as part of the Nature Education Center’s living laboratory experience and are the primary waste water treatment system. The wetland also provides a living-learning laboratory to assist the center’s main programming goals: educate children about natural processes.


Energy Efficient Architecture

The plan is a simple form to reduce construction costs and maintain energy efficiency while its orientation maximizes solar gain. Complexity of the plan is evident in a gathering entry defined by the roof water cistern, support space and displays divided by a mass wall that reflects daylight, and the constructed wetland wastewater treatment laboratory that is present inside and out.


Natural Processes, and Simplicity

The architect uses daylight and natural ventilation to promote highly energy efficient buildings. The exterior faces south to gain light and heat from the sun whilst being protected from glare with louvers that are part of the siding system.

The exhibit and support spaces are divided by a mass wall to retain heat, and reflect daylight into the display areas.


Architecture by LEAP

Site design by Cardinal Direction Landscape Architecture, LLC