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Being a successful commercial architect means exploring owners’ business plans, and enhancing their business model through commercial redesign.

What Goes On In That Place?!

The Albany Art Room is a great example of how LEAP’s architects help businesses expand. We guide companies with decisions about next steps, how to facilitate growth, and realize their revenue potential through analysis and design.

The Albany Art Room is a great example of how LEAP Architects run successful commercial projects. Located on one of the city’s well-traveled thoroughfares, the Albany Art Room makes its home in an historic building.

Albany Art Room Features:

  • Open Studios
  • Private Studios
  • Classrooms for camps and teaching groups
  • Waiting / Play Area for little ones and families
  • Art Supply Store
  • Pottery Support:
    • Hand building room
    • Wheel Room
    • Prep Room
    • Kiln room
    • Glazing and Clean-Up


LEAP’s Commercial Architect Will Guide Decisions

The owner was exploring options for expansion and did not know where to best invest construction dollars. Building is expensive, and at LEAP Architecture, we work through business analysis and designs that increase efficiency for operations, and maximize investments in construction.

Current explorations for the art room include whether or not to expand facilities to the spaces in the 3D diagrams (in orange).




Which do you think is the best move?

Contact us here and give us your thoughts! Stay tuned to follow the decision-making process, and find out how the Albany Art Room will expand its services to serve its community even better.