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Albany Architect provides modern apartment designs for traditional Saratoga Springs carriage house.


Renovation of a Historic Carriage House

As an Albany, NY Architect, Mr. Davenport designed apartments in Saratoga Springs, NY for modern living (while working for Phinney Design Group). The design for a renovation of the interiors within this historic carriage house is an excellent example of modern insertions into a traditional space. The clients were searching for a strong tenant base, and had high expectations for design: open, airy spaces, slick materials, great color choices, and a palette of materials both modern and traditional.


Albany Architect Provides Modern Design

A LEAP Architect will take the time with clients to understand the project goals, budget, and return on investment. In this project, high-end luxury apartments were left up to the architect to design, with schedule and budget constraints. Result: Fully integrated spaces are achieved through re-arranged layouts and choice materials. Kitchens, bathrooms, and living spaces all sport traditional details in a modern setting, perfect for the renovation of this older carriage house.


The Building

The existing carriage house layout housed a couple of apartment units. The new design called for adding more units while maintaining a high-level design to draw in high rental rates. At LEAP, we help owners achieve success even when the goals seem unachievable. By having faith in the design process, and providing creativity, you’ll always find success when working with LEAP Architecture.


Modern Design Choices

Modern details are highlighted by instances of traditional details popping into view! At LEAP, we pride ourselves with staffing architects in Albany, NY, Saratoga, Troy, and Schenectady that have the experience to deliver high-caliber projects worthy of larger metro-areas. LEAP gives you the opportunity to work with an architect close to Albany, NY with the design experience of New York City but with affordable rates.

*Project completed while working with Phinney Design Group