LEAP Architecture has a proven method to understand and prioritize your green goals, to promote good, clean living and to maximize your return on investment. 


What Does Green Building Mean?

Ok, so before we start throwing around terms likes geothermal and photovoltaic, what does green really mean? Well, to us it means being as environmentally responsible as possible. It means building for longevity, it means building with the smallest carbon footprint, and the lowest functioning energy consumption.

We also believe that green must be beautiful. Function must meet form. The fact that your building is green should only enhance living or working in it; not be a hardship.


Understanding Green Building

We break green building down as tiers in a  pyramid—conservation, NET-Zero and Living Buildings. Read our post on Sustainable Goals Made Simple, where we explain the different tiers.

LEAP Architecture's pyramid for green building goals


Before starting your project, a LEAP “Green Architect” will provide information about energy modeling, photovoltaic systems, geothermal systems, wastewater treatment and whole systems integration that are essential for your sustainability needs. LEAP will walk you through incentive programs for renewable energy solutions and initiate the appropriate partnerships necessary to maximize your return on green investments.

Listen to Eric Davenport’s interview on “Going Green”


LEAP has extensive sustainable design experience as exemplified in many projects found in the firm’s portfolio where passive solar design allows winter solar heating and natural ventilation in the summer. Photovoltaic panels provide electricity, radiant systems provide efficient, year-round comfort, and geothermal supplementation reduces the overall utility costs for a timely payback period.

Building geometry, site integration and envelope design all contribute to clean air quality while water reclamation strategies further create truly integrative, natural places for living and working.


Green Resources:

Website for the New York State Energy Research & Development Authority; includes information on NYS-specific energy news, incentives, and programs

Website for federal government’s energy savings program; includes information on ENERGY STAR products, home improvement tips, appliance rebates, and tax credits

ANSI Green Building Standard
Green building certification standard guidelines

EcoHome Magazine Online
For the latest trends in eco homebuilding technologies

Comprehensive media for the new Green Building economy